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Knowing Becca: 

Becca's love for her southern roots is rivaled only by her passion for the outdoors and exploration. A globetrotter at heart, she cherishes immersing herself in diverse cultures and landscapes. Beyond her love for travel, Becca embraces a community lifestyle centered around health, spirituality, and sobriety. She loves yoga and meditation, and finds tranquility and strength in these disciplines,helping her balance the demands of working in the real estate industry.


Client care and graceful navigation of the transaction process is of utmost importance to Becca. Known for her engaging, deep, and meaningful conversations, Becca thrives on fostering relationships built on authenticity and shared growth. Whether discussing the economic markets, nuances of the housing industry, profound topics such as her belief that everything is always working out, and her recent acquisition of a broker's license, are clear indicators of her forward momentum and positive outlook.


Becca shares insights that are both professional and deeply personal.

Her sobriety, a journey that began as an endeavor to get healthy mentally and physically, and break through a plateau in her life, has

become a cornerstone of her success. "Sobriety is the gift that keeps on giving," she expresses candidly.


"It allows me to slow down, be present, and invest fully in myself. This way, I can give to others.” The clarity and presence have also inspired her latest venture—a podcast aimed at normalizing sobriety and

challenging the glamorization of alcohol consumption in today’s culture.

January 2024, Real Producers Feature 

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