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Meeting Becca

Becca Cunningham is a driven and spirited real estate professional in Nashville. She boasts an

impressive tenure of over eight years, where she skillfully marries her passion for community and

her prowess in real estate to create meaningful relationships and successful transactions. Most

importantly for Becca, is making sure that her clients get the results they are looking for. She wants

for her clients what they want for themselves.


Becca Cunningham recalls, one morning in 2015 that marked a turning point in her life.

“I woke on a day where everything around me seemed pretty dull and gray. I decided right then

and there that I wanted a life in vivid color. I knew I was the only person responsible for making

that happen. Before I chose to get my real estate license, I thought my path was in fashion."


After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, her early pursuits led her to a role with a high-

profile fashion house. However, the gripping reality of the fashion industry in New York City quickly

dimmed her passion, prompting a return to her hometown of Nashville in 2013. Becca immersed herself

in a healing journey through yoga and meditation accumulating 300 hours of training for becoming a yoga

instructor. Yet, there was a strong drive for financial independence and helping others find the same that

steered her towards real estate.


Today, as a REALTOR® with Red Seal Realty in Nashville, she's not just

reaching for more; she's achieving it. Becca's journey from fashion to real estate is a story of tenacity,

intuition, and a connection with her roots as a 9th generation Middle Tennessean.

"Relationships are the bedrock of my business," Becca states. Whether it's her sphere of influence or

connections with local builders, she thrives on genuine interactions and mutual trust. A testament to this

is her collaboration with Red Seal Development, selling over 200 homes since 2018 and managing

another 200 homes in production. It's about energetically supporting your people, making sure needs are

anticipated and met, and ensuring they feel good about the transaction. It's a high-level service with



Becca's belief in the universal law of attraction—attracting, creating, and allowing—resonates through

her work and life philosophy. Her connection to Middle Tennessee and its people runs deep, which is

reflected in her commitment to the wellbeing of the local community. At Red Seal Realty, she continues to

weave the fabric of her brand with the same creativity and passion once reserved for fashion design, only

now, she's designing dreams and building futures—one home at a time.

Image by Brandon Jean

Invest in Nashville with Becca

Experience You Can Trust

Buyer Representation

Be confident and prepared to hop into the market with Becca's support. After we've identified the right property together, we'll deploy strategy and skill to protect you throughout the contract with contingencies and clauses. Let's get you into the home you've been manifesting! 

Seller Representation

Property Valuation

Becca is a local expert from Nashville who will guide you through the selling and negotiating process with care. Real estate should be fun, not stressful. Her guarantee is to sell your home with ease and a maximum return!

A step-by-step guide will be provided for increasing your property's value over time. Becca's goal is to attract potential buyers and mobilize the real estate community when it eventually comes time to sell. Her extensive list of trusted contractors and service providers can help accomplish your remodeling and renovation needs!

Joyful Clients

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"Becca helped me in the purchase of my home in Nashville. I was relocating from Charleston, SC, so I relied on her heavily to help me move everything forward. She came to the table armed and ready, with recommendations for home inspectors, mortgage companies, pest control companies and everything else I needed to get my home purchased. Since I was not local, she made sure to meet everyone that came to the home. She even found me a cleaning person to clean it for me prior to moving in. She works very hard for her clients, is very knowledgeable about her field, and truly has her client's best interest at heart. I could not have made this purchase without her help.

I would absolutely use her again, and refer her to anyone who needs to buy or sell!"

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